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Carol Zuckerman:  B.A., B.Des., M.F.A.(Interdisciplinary), maker, artist, writer

    bacazoo design

I love exploring the intersections of philosophy and creative production, fine art and artisan craft, experimentation and cross-pollination of disciplines.


Through the years I have experimented in the spaces where one form of making meets another. I play with garden design and photography, sculpture and wayfinding, fine art and industrial design, text and illustration. The focus changes but the work continues.


Over time my practice has involved many areas of study:

  • fine art (drawing, painting, mixed media, assemblage)

  • ceramics (functional and decorative)

  • domestic arts (weaving, crochet, knitting, tatting, felting & eco-dying)

  • sculpture (wood, steel, plaster, hydra stone, polymer)

  • visual communication design (photography, typography, book design)

  • industrial design (furniture, gardens and public spaces)

  • illustration and creative writing (story telling in words and images)

I am Carol Zuckerman, B.A., B.Des., M.F.A.(Interdisciplinary), maker, artist, writer, and owner of bacazoo design. My education has been formal and informal and as eclectic as my interests; my work is informed by an industrial design degree from University of Alberta and an interdisciplinary MFA combining illustration and creative writing from University of British Columbia. These are in addition to a general arts degree from University of Alberta, music studies (Royal Conservatory) and ongoing participation with various creative groups.

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